Who We Are

Friends of Kinangop Plateau (FoKP), a community based organization that was founded in 1997 with the major goal of conserving the Kinangop Highland Grasslands. The wool spinning workshop started in 2004 in a small rental shop in Njabini Township. Successful outreach to farmers earned the workshop a bigger working space in the Njabini Agricultural Training Centre back in 2007.

Under strong leadership of Ng’ang’a Bakari, the workshop have managed to form a cooperative society, fundraise for a new plot and construct a new wool workshop. The new start-of-art wool spinning and weaving workshop has just been constructed with full support from the D. J. Fox and family, long-time friends to Bakari. A special wool products and hand-craft shop, wool collection point and a dye-plant garden will be opened soon.

The new workshop has a capacity to create direct employment to more than 40 young men and women when in full operation capacity. Currently eight young men and women are working as spinners and weavers.The activities of the wool spinning workshop encourage local farmers to continue rearing sheep and conserve the natural grassland instead of converting it for crop cultivation.

The workshop also provides employment and skills to youth, both men and women. An average 1,500 kg of wool is bought annually from farmers, representing 10% of wool produced in Kinangop.However, all not smooth. There remains some challenges, the main being access to market and the capacity to produce quantity and in time.


Mission & Vision



Detailed monitoring of Sharpe’s Longclaw and the habitat trends continue to be a big concern of the members. The information and data generated from the continuous monitoring is used to advocate for the increased conservation of the Kinangop Grasslands.



Environment education, a major tool in the conservation through creating awareness, continues to be a major undertaking of the Friends of Kinangop Plateau. Students and pupils from the region continued to visit the Resource Centre in Murungaru. Activities of Friends of Kinangop Plateau have been used as case studies for various Universities, including the local and International Universities.  McGill’s Canadian Field Studies in Africa being a good example. This intends to introduce Canadian students to East Africa.


This is one of the nature based income generating activities that FoKP uses to generate income and involve the youths as well as the aged. The cultural troupe that entertains people and guest in various occasions continues to be well known all over Kinangop and beyond.
The New Bandas in North Kinangop offers a serene environment for relaxing. Build in one of the Nature Reserves, they offer a great opportunity to have a visit to the local Museum and watch grasslands birds.