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Detailed monitoring of Sharpe’s Longclaw and the habitat trends continue to be a big concern of the members. The information and data generated from the continuous monitoring is used to advocate for the increased conservation of the Kinangop Grasslands.

Environment education, a major tool in the conservation through creating awareness, continues to be a major undertaking of the Friends of Kinangop Plateau.

Students and pupils from the region continued to visit the Resource Centre in Murungaru. Activities of Friends of Kinangop Plateau have been used as case studies for various Universities, including the local and International Universities.  McGill’s Canadian Field Studies in Africa being a good example. This intends to introduce Canadian students to East Africa.





This is one of the nature based income generating activities that FoKP uses to generate income and involve the youths as well as the aged. The cultural troupe that entertains people and guest in various occasions continues to be well known all over Kinangop and beyond.
The New Bandas in North Kinangop offers a serene environment for relaxing. Build in one of the Nature Reserves, they offer a great opportunity to have a visit to the local Museum and watch grasslands birds.

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